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Instruction for viewing your Fur Baby

Directions to see your Fur Baby

Service for Camera view is $3.00 per visit.  If you ordered this service you will have been issued a user name and password.

You will have to download and install FireFox browser on your computer in order to view the cameras.  We have provided a link below.

Once you have down loaded FireFox Go to in FirefFox and click the tab Fur Baby Camera.  Then Click the link below and this will take you to the login page to see your fur baby.

Then Enter your user name and password.

Instructions to download and view from your phone

Go to your App store on your phone.  

Search for: Guarding Expert 

This App is Free

(it is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store)

Download this App onto your Phone.

Next Open the App.

Select Region: America and then USA

Tap Enter

Tap the icon on the upper left, a circle with three lines in it.

Select "Devices". Click the plus and select "Manual Adding" from the menu.

Rename the alias to something that makes sense to you (like "Cameras"). 

Register mode needs to be set on: IP/Domain

Change the address to:

Change the port to: 8000

Change user name to: admin

Change password to: 54321

Click the disc icon in the dot on the upper right to save the new settings

Click "Start Live View" and find your furbaby!